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by Admin on February 4, 2013

Hi folks!

Beautiful HandwritingI’ve created this web site to help men and women striving for better handwriting. The wish to improve handwriting is quite common, so if you are one of them, there are ways to help you. Most of my life I was doing the common print writing, and just recently, while going through hard times in my life, started paying attention how doing nice and accurate cursive handwriting can bring some satisfaction into your life. Truly amazing handwriting does not come fast, but becomes much closer with time and practice.

Reasons for seeking ways towards amazing handwriting

I see two reasons why one would want to achieve better handwriting. The first one is aesthetics, when nice and accurate cursive text just looks great and is easy to read for everyone. It can impress your friends, family and coworkers too.

The second reason is not so obvious and more complex. It relates to the subject of handwriting analysis. Handwriting analysis professionals are able to characterize a person by the shape of letters that person puts on paper. And there lies another important question. Is there a chance that by changing you handwriting you can change you character and life? This sounds unbelievable, but different sources claim this to be true.

How amazing handwriting can improve your life

If you do print writing all the time, try doing more cursive. Cursive handwriting reveals more of a person you are much more that regular print writing. If you cannot write cursive but only print, this gives a general clue to your character. There are chances that you tend to put up emotional barriers so people do not see your insecurities. Many people who only block-print usually have problems in the area of inter-personal and intimate communication. It takes much longer to get such person to open up.

Believing or not that handwriting analysis has value for determining personality is up to you. Still it’s worth at least trying to use it as part of your own personal transformation. It may appear that acquiring amazing handwriting is one of the most important tools that can change your life.

Over the next few weeks I will be going into greater detail about handwriting analysis and how to move towards amazing handwriting, so stay tuned.


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