How to Improve Handwriting

by Admin on February 12, 2013

Since you have found this post I suspect you might already have decided to improve handwriting. Despite the fact that recent advances in technology have made penmanship close to obsolete, there are still valid reasons for having amazing handwriting. I’ll give you some to choose from if you have not decided yet:

  • It’s still not possible to write everything on a computer, so many things like post-it notes, diaries, postcards, love letters etc. can greatly benefit from having amazing handwriting.
  • There is some personal touch hidden in written words of your messages.
  • To save other people frustration reading your barely readable handwriting.
  • To be unlike the others when it comes to writing by hand.
  • To develop better coordination of your fingers, hand and arm.
  • Your cognitive development will benefit from improved handwriting.
  • Simply write faster than the others, both on paper and on screen.

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Several tips for starters to improve handwriting

Before going deeper into handwriting development, let’s just go through some essential tips to improve handwriting. Following these small advices combined with regular practice will help you progress since small improvements gradually make bigger improvements.

  • Don’t even attempt being fancy. Although you may be dreaming of all of those curls and swirls usually found in amazing handwriting, you still need to get the basics first. Be calm and sequential.
  • Flow and consistency are essential, practice them until you are able to write different letters with the same size and shape over and over again.
  • Keep your hand relaxed so it can glide over the paper. Don’t press too hard. You’ll see no good results from strained and rigid hand.
  • Don’t hurry, do it slow. Better control is essential when you are just starting. With practice you will be able to increase your writing speed.
  • Keep your writing reasonably small. The smaller it is, the neater it looks. Don’t go to the extremes though – the others will still need to see and read it.

Now focus on your arm and hand to improve handwriting

Writing with their fingers is what often causes people trouble with handwriting. The full weight of hand is placed on paper, so to continue writing they are forced to lift the hand and move it across the paper. This breaks the flow of writing. In addition, it often is painful and slow. The major idea is that fingers play the role of a guide when writing, while your forearms and shoulders are the ones that should move the most.

Now it’s time for holding your pen properly. For most of people, the pen is placed between the thumb and index finger, with barrel resting on the middle finger. Holding pen between the thumb and the index and middle fingers works for others, with the whole assembly resting on the ring finger. The first case is more convenient and preferable to improve handwriting, but the second will also do. There is no need to retrain yourself for the first if you are comfortable with the second. Hold your pen lightly, don’t squeeze it or press it hard.

Try to avoid hunching over, you need to sit up straight and be relaxed and comfortable. Having a table at 45-degree angle, if possible, will be a great aid for you. When you’re getting closer to the bottom of the paper so it becomes uncomfortable, don’t bear it, move the paper up.

You should try writing just above and between thumb and index finger while holding your fingers nearly straight. Do not write to the left of your palm – curling your hand over will do no good. Move your wrist and fingers very little – shoulder-girdle and forearm muscles should do most of the work. They tire much less easily than fingers and are capable of much more intricate action as you might expect. It’s important to learn controlling these muscles for achieving amazing handwriting. When you concentrate on big muscles to do the work, your writing may look ugly at first. Don’t worry, you’ll end up having much better handwriting than before.

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Thank you for reading; we will continue our journey towards amazing handwriting next time. Stay tuned.


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