The Essentials of Graphology Analysis

by Admin on May 4, 2013

In the last article we have covered the subject of shorthand writing, which basically is a way to improve writing speed while sacrificing readability and the beauty of masterfully crafted handwritten text. Let’s take a look at the subject of handwriting from the opposite perspective, where the looks of letterforms play the major role. We have slightly touched the subject of graphology analysis in the introductory post to amazing handwriting blog. Let’s put a few more words about it.

What graphology analysis is and what it isn’t

There is some common misconception about the word graphology itself. Graphology analysis is the study and analysis of handwriting most often in relation to human psychology. This must not be confused with forensic document examination, which often gets associated with graphology. Although forensic or questioned document examination also deals with handwritten text analysis, it is not an aspect of graphology, as it only tries to answer the question whether or not a document was written by the person who is thought to have written it.

There were some tests carried out to verify whether handwriting analysis can reliably assess personality and predict job performance of respondents. The fact that most of the tests have given negative results puts graphology analysis into the domain of pseudoscience as lacking valid scientific evidence. Deciding whether or not to trust results provided by graphology is up to you. There is always a chance that graphology may turn out to be a real science just waiting for its scientific breakthrough. Even if it can’t give reliable results at this point when viewed in isolation, it still may occur as a valuable source of information when used in combination with other personality evaluation methods.

This discussion would not be complete without mentioning graphotherapy. Graphotherapy is the practice of changing a person’s handwriting with the aim to change his or her personality as the end result. The therapy relies on a set of exercises similar to those in calligraphy. Although the idea of graphotherapy may seem unbelievable at first, just think about the following. Imagine you’ve put a lot of effort into developing your own amazing handwriting style. You did a good job and drastically changed your handwriting. Every time you write a note or a letter, you feel proud of yourself. You know you’ve been able to take control of yourself and overcome an obstacle. You feel more self-confident. You enjoy the process of writing, which no longer brings you disappointment and frustration. Now answer the question yourself – did changes in your handwriting positively affect your personality?

The main principles of graphology

The whole subject of graphology relies on the following principles:

  • When we write, out ego is active, with different degree depending on the phase of writing.
  • The writer uses the most familiar and simple forms of letters when the action of writing becomes comparatively difficult.
  • The central nervous system controls the muscular movements involved in writing.
  • The written strokes reflect both temporary and long term changes in the central nervous system.
  • Muscular tension is mostly outside of conscious control so emotional and mental state finds its way into person’s handwriting.
  • Graphologist examines writing or drawing movements by viewing them as movements organized by the central nervous system, evaluating the pattern, form, movement, rhythm, quality and consistency.
  • Single graphological element can have many different psychological interpretations.

There are several approaches to graphology analysis, each having many different systems developed. Each of the systems has a different vocabulary, using different terms, and often the same term having different meanings. There are some academic institutions around the world offering training and even an accredited degree in handwriting analysis. There is also a plenty of books available on the subject.

Considering the fact that graphology is an interesting subject, I’ll continue discussion and post some graphology examples later on this blog. Meanwhile, if you got interested, you can take a look at the following excellent books dedicated to handwriting analysis.

 Handwriting Analysis  Sex, Lies and Handwriting  Your Handwriting Can Change Your Life Transform Your Life Through Handwriting 
 Handwriting Analysis : Putting It to Work for You   Sex, Lies, and Handwriting: A Top Expert Reveals the Secrets Hidden in Your Handwriting   Your Handwriting Can Change Your Life!   Transform Your Life Through Handwriting

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