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by Admin on June 8, 2013

The last time we’ve started discussing the subject of handwriting analysis. This time I would like to give you some of the most popular graphology examples. While many people call graphology a pseudoscience, the others are ready to stand for it till the end. But the fact is that many companies are using services of professional graphologists for evaluation of people applying for jobs. It’s up to you whether you believe in it or not. I suggest you to look at the examples below and see yourself if graphology analysis works for you, or it doesn’t.

Let’s move to the graphology examples

Write down a sentence in your own handwriting, preferably using ballpoint pen on unlined paper. In the book called Success Secrets of the Rich and Happy Bart Baggett recommends writing the following sentence as it in includes all of the letters needed for examples below. The sentence is:

The purple people eater said, “You and your silly monkey do not go home from the zoo on Tuesday. Instead they go to the racetrack on Friday!”

Take a look at slant of your handwriting

Your slant reveals your expressiveness; people with slant far to the right express more emotionally, they are more in touch with their feelings than people with the slant to the left, who are more likely to have emotional issues keeping them more withdrawn. If you find you slant straight up and down, this means you are more rational and logical, are able to handle pressure and stress quite well.

The size of the writing is important in graphology analysis

Judging if you are introverted or extroverted can be done looking at the size of your writing combined with the indicators of the slant as described above. Many social type people have bigger and funnier looking handwriting. At the same time, introverted people tend to write in smaller, focused and concentrated handwriting.

Pay attention to your “Y’s”.

In fact, letter “y” in your handwriting has much to say about your personality. It indicates how much you trust other people, how much energy do you have, and the level of your sexual expression.

Take a look at the size of your “y.” The bigger it is, the more physically natured and energetic you are. The depth of your “y” and “g” stroke is an indicator of your energy level and sex drive. The longer the stroke is, the more of these you have. If your y-loop is quite small, it usually means you’re not energetic at the moment, and sex isn’t quite important for you at this time. If this subject got you interested, the correlation between the lower loops and the sex drives are discussed in more detail in the book The Secrets to Making Love Happen.

When I told “at this time” in the last few lines, I basically meant that your handwriting may change from time to time, with the change of your mood and health. This adds one more variable factor to the subject of graphology analysis.

And to conclude the list of graphology examples, take a look at the samples of y-loop below. Choose the ones that look more like your handwriting, and see what they say about you. Don’t be confused if you discover contradictory signs; since we all are human, contradictions can be present in our own personality.

Y Letter Graphology Examples

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